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1. About us

The Stags Club

With the opening of our new facilities, we’re delighted to announce the inauguration of "The Stags Club".

This group will be made up of members who are interested in finding a way of raising funds for the Club which could be used to fund facilities and projects which will enhance the playing side of the Club.

With that in mind the stated mission statement of The Stags Club is:

‘ To contribute towards promoting the highest possible standard of rugby throughout Cheshunt Rugby Club ‘

The Stags Club will operate as an autonomous body and is entirely independent of the Rugby Club’s financial and administrative operations.

No member of the Stags Club Committee can be a member of the official Rugby Club management. The Stags Club does not seek to influence decisions of the Rugby Club and no paying of players will be considered.

Of the contributions received into The Stags Club’s Fund, approximately two thirds of each contribution is set aside for the Rugby Club and one third is allocated to the Members to fund social functions.

Social functions held each year will include:

- A Home Match Lunch and Drinks
- An away match Coach Trip and Lunch and Drinks

The cost will be £15 per month (or £180 per annum) to start on 1st August 2018 in addition to your normal £45 pa VP sub.

Please also let us know if you are interested in becoming a committee member.

We hope that The Stags Club will play an important part in providing funds for the Rugby Club to enable playing facilities and standards to continue to be improved.

We look forward to hearing from those that want to get involved.

Please remember that we still have the 200 Club going (£4 per month) as an alternative or little extra.